About Fin-ICE (Financial In-Case-of-Emergency)

Hi there,

I’m Welly and I’m a digital marketer.  My work revolves around helping businesses message and communicate the important service they provide using digital platforms.  Many businesses provide a valuable service that many people can benefit from yet not many people are aware of the presence, let alone the value of such a service.  I try to simplify and amplify these messages when I believe that it can help the clients more than it can help the businesses and companies I work with.

One such client I work with is GEN Group, a group of financial planners representing a financial advisory firm.  Through my interactions with them, I’ve learnt that good financial planners do not measure their success by the income they make or the revenue they earn but rather, good financial planners measure their success by the impact they make such as the amount of successful insurance claims they make for clients.

As I learnt about the financial planning business and the value financial planners bring, I made what I consider a startling discovery.  I realized that many people who uses the help of a financial planner do not do so because they want financial planning.  Many people who engages a financial planner do so because of they want someone to help them get everything organized.

In simple terms, the written financial plan that is presented to a financial planning client is often not as important as knowing that there is someone they or their family can turn to when something happens.  What many people really want in a financial planner relationship is the comfort of being able to say “If anything, I’ll just call you” because they know that the financial planner have everything organised for them in one place.

This is also how the idea of Fin-ICE came about.  As I was learning about how to better message and communicate the important work a financial planner does for my client, I realized that there is a significant gap in many people’s financial organization.  While a good financial planner will be able to provide a consolidation and summary of your financial policies and plans, it is limited only to financial policies and plans.  Yet, when a major shock event happens, there are many other pieces of information that are just as important as the insurance policy summary.

I started asking questions, interviewing financial planners, learning about actual claim situations and taking notes on what are the important and salient information that is needed at emergency situations.  I then proceeded to test and research on how best to organise and present these information in a way that a family member will immediately get the relief of knowing what they have to know.

It might sound far-fetched but this project actually took me a year to complete.  This was how long it took to get to a format that I will use myself.  I call this format the Fin-ICE kit and it will keep improving over time.

Yours truly,